Barton Springs: A Magical Place

Three friends laying out by Barton Springs Pool in Austin, Texas.

It can get hot in Austin. Real hot. And a great place to cool off and have a fun time is Barton Springs. Barton Springs Pool is not a typical pool. It’s a magical place that transports you to the year 1970. The ethos of peace, love, and happiness (and maybe a little pot) fills the air and inspires you to cast off that bikini top for a hippy style dose of sun soaked bliss. This pool is huge, as in three freaking acres huge. The best part? It’s fed from natural underground springs. Yep, real water. No harmful chlorine here. The water naturally maintains an average temperature of 68-70 degrees so it’s open for swimming year round. However, let me warn you, when you first jump in, the only thing to come out your mouth will be four letter words. Be prepared to curse for a good 30 seconds. Then your body will adjust and you’ll have gained superhero worthy amounts of energy.

The location of Barton Springs is another thing that makes this place so unique. It’s practically located in downtown Austin! Specifically, it’s located in Zilker park which is where a lot of Austin’s famous music festivals are held. It’s also located by Lady Bird Lake if you feel like going for a jog or taking a kayak out as well. My friends and I opted to head to Guerro’s Taco Bar after our swim for their signature dot margaritas. Love. Love.

If you’re ever in Austin, definitely take a jump into Barton Springs Pool. You’ll hate me. And then you’ll thank me. You’re welcome.

Nom & Happiness,

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