Bubble & Squeak to Make You Squeak!

bubble and squeak patties sitting on a plate

I first heard of bubble and squeak while riding a train from London to Paris with my British boyfriend. When the train server guy (pretty sure that’s not his official title) asked me if I wanted some with my meal, my response was a blank stare followed by “come again?” I honestly thought he was…

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Happy Hour at Little Woodrows

Woman wearing motorcycle helmet at Little Woodrows in Austin, Texas.

Little Woodrows, located on west 6th street in Austin, Texas, is a fun place to enjoy happy hour with friends. There is an indoor seating area, a covered patio section, and an open patio section. My favorite spot is the open patio. It’s situated on a busy corner so I wouldn’t consider it a spot…

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Barton Springs: A Magical Place

Three friends laying out by Barton Springs Pool in Austin, Texas.

It can get hot in Austin. Real hot. And a great place to cool off and have a fun time is Barton Springs. Barton Springs Pool is not a typical pool. It’s a magical place that transports you to the year 1970. The ethos of peace, love, and happiness (and maybe a little pot) fills…

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Dinner’s Ready!

mom and daughter sitting on a coach wearing matching pajamas for their pajama party.

“Dinner’s ready” is probably my most favorite sentence in the entire English language (but only when I’m not the one saying it). I’m not big fan of cooking but I love eating so having someone make a meal for me and then yell “Dinner’s Ready!” is like wedding bells to my ears. I have lots…

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