Bubble & Squeak to Make You Squeak!

bubble and squeak patties sitting on a plate

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I first heard of bubble and squeak while riding a train from London to Paris with my British boyfriend. When the train server guy (pretty sure that’s not his official title) asked me if I wanted some with my meal, my response was a blank stare followed by “come again?” I honestly thought he was joking and when my boyfriend described it to me I thought he was joking as well. Who would ever be crazy enough to give a dish that name? Oh yeah that’s right…the British!

paris train station

Train we took from London to Paris. Inside the Paris train station. Photo by bellyadventures.com.

Bubble and squeak is a traditional English dish made with lightly friend vegetables. Specifically, leftover vegetables. I know. I know. Doesn’t sound too delightful. But remember the motto here at Belly Adventures – thou shall not be quick to judge until it hits your tastebuds! Living your life by that spirit will serve you well because bubble and squeak is UH-MAAZE-ING!!

This bad boy (or girl) is typically made with potatoes and cabbage and whatever hodgepodge of veggies the chef feels like chucking in there such as carrots, peas, brussels sprouts…you get the idea. The veggies are pan fried until golden brown and it’s typically served as a breakfast side accompanying eggs and bacon.

Bubble and squeak got it’s name from the bubbling and squeaking sounds it makes during the cooking process. It’s also Cockney rhyming slang for Greek. Cockney rhyming slang is another weird English thing where they mix together words that are supposed to sound like something else. My British boyfriend tried explaining it to me and I still don’t understand it (i.e. think it’s stupid). His response? “Agh you bloody Americans have no sense of humor.” Whatever.

So what does the name bubble and squeak remind me of? Someone sitting in a bathtub farting. There. At least someone was honest enough to say it.

Click here for a delightful recipe for you to try bubble and squeak yourself. Happy bathing! : )

Nom & Happiness,

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