New Mexico Elk Jerky

Man sitting in a road side stand selling elk jerky in New Mexico.

I’ve had jerky from several different animals all over the United States. Out of all of them, nothing compares to the taste of elk jerky in New Mexico. New Mexico elk jerky is moist, tender and melts in your mouth while still maintaining jerky consistency. I drove from southern New Mexico all the way up to…

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New Mexico Wine Trail

Looks like a small house but it's a New Mexico winery.

On my recent road trip through New Mexico, there were a lot of things I didn’t expect to see and one of those things was wineries. I had no idea New Mexico was a wine producing state so I wasn’t looking for or planning to visit any wineries during my road trip. I just randomly…

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The Story Behind the Food on Your Plate

Wild boar was hit by a car and is now laying dead by the road.

Don’t be fooled by the smile you see in this picture. I was quite sad to see this wild boar killed. The only reason why I’m smiling is because my friend made a joke just before snapping the picture to cheer me up. I didn’t kill it. Apparently some car did and I pulled over…

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#1 Ingredient to Making a Great Road Trip

Woman wearing camo pants standing in front of the welcome to new mexico sign.

Road trips are the ultimate feeling of freedom. All you need is a car and you’re free to go anywhere at anytime. Recently, I went on one of the best road trips of my life. What made this road trip so much better than all the others? One thing: spontaneity. Yes, this trip was completely…

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