South Dakota Elk Burgers

Brother and sister sitting at dinner table toasting before they eat homemade elk burgers.

My twin cooked for me! Yes, I have a twin brother. He cooks and I eat. Match made in heaven. Now when I say he cooks, I just want to clarify that we’re only talking about meat. This man cooks nothing and I mean nothing else. No side dishes, no vegetables, just meat. I don’t…

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Dinner’s Ready!

mom and daughter sitting on a coach wearing matching pajamas for their pajama party.

“Dinner’s ready” is probably my most favorite sentence in the entire English language (but only when I’m not the one saying it). I’m not big fan of cooking but I love eating so having someone make a meal for me and then yell “Dinner’s Ready!” is like wedding bells to my ears. I have lots…

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