How to be a G (Grocery Shopping Gangsta)

Woman wearing hat and dressed liked a gangster in what she calls grocery store swag.

Grocery shopping sucks. It sucks, it sucks, and it sucks some more. Here’s what it involves: getting off my duff, putting on clothes, driving in traffic, having contact with humans, making decisions, and spending money. That just checked off a lot of items on my dislike list. But I’ve gotten better through my years of…

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Urban: An American Grill in the Westin Hotel

meatloaf on top of mashed potatoes from urban restaurant.

Urban restaurant located in the Westin Hotel of the Domain in Austin, Texas is an upscale American grill. The restaurant puts a modern twist on traditional comfort foods and incorporates locally sourced ingredients. Most restaurants in hotels are a bit commercialized and primarily cater to the guests of the hotel. What I found unique about…

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Carrot Cake Smoothie Recipe – Healthy & Amazing

Carrot cake smoothie from Juice Land in Austin, Texas.

Don’t you just love the fall? The dynamic colors, the crispness in the air, and the spirit of change make fall my most favorite season – especially here in Austin where the weather is absolutely perfect this time of year. In the spirit of change and beautiful weather, I walked over to JuiceLand this afternoon and…

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persimmons sitting on a window ledge

It’s persimmon season! I can assure you I’ve been taking full advantage of it. Persimmons are amazing. I never even knew this fruit existed until just last year! How was one of Nature’s best fruit kept a secret from me for so long? I’m not quite sure but it turns out there are a lot…

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Texas Wine Trail Rivals Napa Valley

I'm posing in front of a sign for Texas Hills Vineyard on the Texas Wine Trail.

It has been said many times that the Texas Wine Trail rivals that of Napa Valley. Having done both, I’d have to agree and disagree. If we’re talking about the quality of wine, then yes, Texas wine and California wine are equally superb. In terms of the winery facilities, they both are equals as well….

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Happy Hour at Little Woodrows

Woman wearing motorcycle helmet at Little Woodrows in Austin, Texas.

Little Woodrows, located on west 6th street in Austin, Texas, is a fun place to enjoy happy hour with friends. There is an indoor seating area, a covered patio section, and an open patio section. My favorite spot is the open patio. It’s situated on a busy corner so I wouldn’t consider it a spot…

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Barton Springs: A Magical Place

Three friends laying out by Barton Springs Pool in Austin, Texas.

It can get hot in Austin. Real hot. And a great place to cool off and have a fun time is Barton Springs. Barton Springs Pool is not a typical pool. It’s a magical place that transports you to the year 1970. The ethos of peace, love, and happiness (and maybe a little pot) fills…

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