Tips for Being Alone on Thanksgiving

If you're alone on Thanksgiving you can bring your stuffed animals to the table

If you’re alone on Thanksgiving, you can still have a great day. Here are some tips to surviving and thriving while being alone on Thanksgiving. 1. View it as an Opportunity to Date Yourself You’re not alone. You’re with yourself. And YOU are rad. If you’re bored and miserable then you’re basically saying you’re no fun…

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How to be a G (Grocery Shopping Gangsta)

Woman wearing hat and dressed liked a gangster in what she calls grocery store swag.

Grocery shopping sucks. It sucks, it sucks, and it sucks some more. Here’s what it involves: getting off my duff, putting on clothes, driving in traffic, having contact with humans, making decisions, and spending money. That just checked off a lot of items on my dislike list. But I’ve gotten better through my years of…

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