Dinner’s Ready!

mom and daughter sitting on a coach wearing matching pajamas for their pajama party.

“Dinner’s ready” is probably my most favorite sentence in the entire English language (but only when I’m not the one saying it). I’m not big fan of cooking but I love eating so having someone make a meal for me and then yell “Dinner’s Ready!” is like wedding bells to my ears. I have lots of wonderful memories of my mom saying it growing up. I would be sitting in the living room doing my homework and as soon as she’d yell “dinner’s ready” my siblings and I would would plow into the kitchen like a herd of buffalos.

My mom was in charge of cooking for 7 kids (one of whom is my father). Cooking for that many people day in and day out can’t be an easy task. Even harder, it was a thankless task. She did the grocery shopping, unloaded the groceries from the car, prepared the food, and washed the dishes everyday without anyone lending a hand. On top of it all, my mom doesn’t really enjoy cooking. Every day she did it out of service, sacrifice, and love.

Having someone nourish your body with food they made for you is such a special gift. Mom, I’m sorry your efforts weren’t appreciated more by everyone at the time. My sweet readers, if you’re blessed enough to have someone yell “dinner’s ready”, be sure to shower them with gratitude!

Nom & Happiness,

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