Happy Hour at Little Woodrows

Woman wearing motorcycle helmet at Little Woodrows in Austin, Texas.

Little Woodrows, located on west 6th street in Austin, Texas, is a fun place to enjoy happy hour with friends. There is an indoor seating area, a covered patio section, and an open patio section. My favorite spot is the open patio. It’s situated on a busy corner so I wouldn’t consider it a spot for relaxing but it is great for that feeling of liveliness. You can watch all the people pass by on the sidewalk and they will certainly look at you as well so be prepared to be seen. Although it’s located on 6th street, you need to know that west 6th street is much different than 6th. West 6th isn’t dirty and packed with college kids like 6th street. There’s less people than 6th but still tons of people and the crowd tends to fall more into the “young professional” category.

Little Woodrows is a sports bar and in general I’m not a fan of sports bar. TV’s blaring in every direction, 18 year old waitresses masqueraded as eye candy in their next to nothing uniforms, and rowdy men filling the air with excessive amounts of testosterone has never really appealed me. Little Woodrows manages to stay clear of that vibe. It has more of a Texas down-home feel that is inviting to everyone. Here are my friends having a good time.

little woodrows happy hour

If you’re looking for something to eat, you better like tacos because with the exception of chips and queso, that’s all they offer. But who doesn’t love tacos? They have 8 tacos on the menu which includes options for meat eaters and vegetarians. They are all delicious! Is it my favorite happy hour spot in Austin? No. It’s more of an old, casual, familiar standby in a convenient location. Pick a nice day, go with a group of friends, sit outside, snack on some tacos, order a pitcher or three, and you’ll be sure to have a great time.

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  1. Adam G. says

    I’ll be at Little Woodrows this Friday! I go there all the time. This Friday it will be perfect for watching all the people in their Halloween costumes walk by.

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