Haters & The Best Revenge

new york pizza

Peeets Zuh!

I lived in NYC for four years while attending NYU and I hadn’t been back since graduation so I decided to treat myself to a weekend vacation. I took the short flight from Austin and booked into a hotel in Tribeca for $100/night via Priceline’s Name Your Own Price system (a good deal for Manhattan prices). It felt great to be back in the city and I was so excited to visit all my favorite restaurants. One of those places was a pizzeria in Little Italy.

The place was packed and had a two hour waitlist. I put my name down, spent an hour walking in and out of clothing boutiques, and then spent the last hour having an ice cold beer in a gorgeous old pub five blocks away. I went back to check into the pizzeria and thankfully was seated promptly because at this point I’m starving. When the pizza arrived, all I could think of was how I wished my loved ones were here to share it with me. The only way I was able to share the experience was to take a picture and email it to them. So just before diving in, that’s what I did. I snapped a picture of my pizza.

My enthusiasm and happiness levels were quite high until…someone tried to ruin it. A woman seated at another table went out of her way to ridicule me for taking ONE picture of my pizza. Here is what she said to her fellow table companions in a voice intentionally loud enough for me and everyone else to hear clearly, “Oh my god you guys. That girl just took a picture of her plate. What a moron. It’s a fucking pizza. Haven’t you ever seen a pizza before? Some people need to get a fucking life. Seriously”.

Being the classy person that I am, I pretended not to hear her and said nothing back. Also being the classy person that I am, I responded by holding up my camera and snapping a picture directly at her.

Inside a new york pizzeria where a woman seated is glaring at me with devil eyes.

Devil eyes in plain view.

Her totally unnecessary words did dampen the taste of my pizza. It made me feel like I was in junior high all over again where I could just never be accepted by the ’cool kids’. It was also another experience of someone trying to make me feel bad for being happy and pursuing something I enjoy. It’s mind boggling to think there are some people who get bothered when someone is enthusiastic about something, but these people exist and they exist in abundance.

Although taking a picture of devil eyes brought me some satisfaction, the best revenge doesn’t come from attacking back. The best revenge is to continue being you – positive, enthusiastic, and determined to pursue your passions. Nothing will make you happier and nothing will piss them off more. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go enjoy my “fucking pizza” like I’m a “fucking” kid tearing through wrapping paper on Christmas morning!

Nom & Happiness,

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    What a crazy experience! I’m sorry that woman was rude to you, but I’m glad you ended up with a picture of that pizza to share– it looks delicious. Enjoy the rest of your time in New York!

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