Brew Hopping and Hiking in Colorado Springs

woman standing on pikes peak in colorado overlooking gorgeous view of pine trees

Colorado Springs is the last stop on my road trip that originated in Austin, Texas and it was well worth the 14 hour drive. I stayed a couple nights here and loved it. The downtown has a historic feel but is lively and filled with great pubs and restaurants. I tried a bunch of the local beers on tap inside Phantom Canyon Brewing Company which is the town’s oldest brewery. The next morning I had an amazing breakfast at The Olive Branch downtown. They make the best chicken apple sausage.

After satisfying my belly I set out for a great outdoor adventure. How could I not? The scenery is just begging to be explored. I went to Garden of the Gods to see the spectacular rock formations. I then went to Pike’s Peak for a day long hike. Mountain air is so enlivening. Hiking in Colorado Springs is ideal because you don’t have to drive miles upon miles to find a trail. The mountains are practically on downtown’s back porch.

Garden of the Gods rock formation in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

If you need a fresh perspective, some peace, fun, or inspiration, go spend a day in nature. It’s good for the belly soul.

Nom & Happiness,

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