New Mexico Elk Jerky

Man sitting in a road side stand selling elk jerky in New Mexico.

I’ve had jerky from several different animals all over the United States. Out of all of them, nothing compares to the taste of elk jerky in New Mexico. New Mexico elk jerky is moist, tender and melts in your mouth while still maintaining jerky consistency. I drove from southern New Mexico all the way up to the northern tip past Taos and there were a good number of stands by the road selling it. I never had one I didn’t like but the stand pictured above was my most favorite.

These stands also sell piñon nuts and my reaction was “who the hell is piñon”? It turns out piñon nuts are the same thing as pine nuts. It seems everywhere in America pine nuts are called pine nuts so I’m not really sure why New Mexico insists upon calling them piñon. Some people even call them pignolias. Weirdos. :)

If you’re ever in New Mexico, you’d be wise to eat elk jerky for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s that good!

Nom & Happiness,

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