South Dakota Elk Burgers

Brother and sister sitting at dinner table toasting before they eat homemade elk burgers.

My twin cooked for me! Yes, I have a twin brother. He cooks and I eat. Match made in heaven. Now when I say he cooks, I just want to clarify that we’re only talking about meat. This man cooks nothing and I mean nothing else. No side dishes, no vegetables, just meat. I don’t think he even knows how to toast bread but holy smoky is he a master at cooking meat. He’s got it nailed down to a science and an art topped with secret J man sauce.

J lives in South Dakota and he bought the meat from a local hunter there. It was my first time eating a South Dakota elk burger (and just an elk burger period) and it was delicious. Don’t you just love trying new foods? We also enjoyed buffalo jerky and it was my first time eating homemade jerky. Of course, that was amazing also. South Dakota, I’m sure you know, is buffalo territory so it’s readily found on a lot of restaurant menus there. J got his buffalo meat from the local farmer’s market. How did he turn it into jerky? I’m sure he’d love to tell you all about it.

Nom & Happiness,

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