Tips for Being Alone on Thanksgiving

If you're alone on Thanksgiving you can bring your stuffed animals to the table

Enjoying Thanksgiving with my family – Elsie (the elephant) & George (the koala).

If you’re alone on Thanksgiving, you can still have a great day. Here are some tips to surviving and thriving while being alone on Thanksgiving.

1. View it as an Opportunity to Date Yourself
You’re not alone. You’re with yourself. And YOU are rad. If you’re bored and miserable then you’re basically saying you’re no fun to be around. Change that. Be honored to be in your own company. I love spending time with Dakota. She’s a ton of fun. In fact, she’s my very best friend. She likes all the same foods I like and she likes to do all the same things as me. We’re always on the same page and we never argue. I love dating myself.

2. Involve Your Loved Ones Virtually or In Spirit
When my lover and I couldn’t be together on Thanksgiving, I placed his underwear on the table and sent him a picture. It made me feel like he was at the table and it made him feel included. With modern technology you can also eat together with your long distance loved ones via a video call (Skype, FaceTime, etc). Don’t forget your furry companions and imaginary friends. They can also be your family and they’d love to celebrate with you.

Boxer shorts on table to fill the void of loved ones when alone on Thanksgiving

I placed my boyfriend’s boxer shorts on the table to feel like he was eating with us.

3. Be Realistic
Don’t think about how perfect your family Thanksgivings are or how amazing things would be if you were with your lover. Instead be realistic and remember all the less than perfect and less than romantic things that happen as well. Remember the fights and remember having to sit through a football game you couldn’t care less to watch. Thanksgivings with family members aren’t always perfect and it’s important to be realistic about what you’re missing.

4. Think of the Positives
Think of all the benefits of being alone today.
– I can wear whatever I want and don’t have to put on makeup
– I can fart freely
– I don’t have to eat food I don’t like just to be polite (Aunt Suzi’s fruit cake, Uncle bob’s pickled beets, etc)
– I don’t have to wash dishes or watch football
– I can do whatever the hell I like whenever I like. Freedom!!!!

5. Put Things in Perspective
Thanksgiving is an American holiday. This should be obvious but most people, including myself, often forget this. We get so wrapped up into thinking everyone is celebrating Thanksgiving that we don’t realize so called “everyone” is actually a tiny percentage of the world’s population. There are BILLIONS of people NOT celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday. So don’t feel like you’re the rare person being cheated out of celebrating a holiday. Most people don’t celebrate it. Also remember it’s just a day. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, Thanksgiving will be a distant memory and people will be lined up outside stores, fighting and shoving strangers in an attempt to get 10% off the latest gadget they don’t really need. Just make it through the day and things will be right back to normal when you wake up tomorrow. :)

6. Remember the True Meaning of the Holiday
I’m not referring to the part about white men raping and murdering thousands of innocent American Indians (oops I forgot that’s hush hush). I’m talking about the other story of Thanksgiving which is supposed to be about giving thanks. It’s about recognizing your many blessings and being grateful for what you do have. That means being a whinny baby and complaining about something you don’t have isn’t an option. It’s not an option to complain about how you’re all alone on thanksgiving. That’s not what Thanksgiving is about. It’s about appreciating whatever you DO have at this very moment. You have yourself for Thanksgiving and that’s something to celebrate! You’re alive and by the fact you’re reading this on the internet via an electronic device, means you’re probably better off than a LARGE portion of people on this planet who live on less than $2/day. This isn’t to say you don’t have serious problems or that any sorrow you experience isn’t warranted. It’s just to say you do still have plenty of things to be grateful for. So just for one day at least, shift your focus away from the crapola in your life and instead focus on your blessings. If you have to work on Thanksgiving, be grateful you have a job!

7. Volunteer
The best way to stop feeling like a victim and start feeling like a superhero is to give your time in service of others. Serve food to the homeless on Thanksgiving, assist with a craft project at a nursing home or clean up a park. There are a ton of volunteer opportunites in your area; many of which can be researched online.

8. Celebrate Thanksgiving on Any of the Other 364 Days of the Year
There isn’t a rule that says you must eat turkey and stuffing with loved ones ONLY on November 27th. Do you know how many people can’t celebrate Thanksgiving with their family on the actual Thanksgiving day? A LOT. Doctors, nurses, police officers, members of the military, store clerks, truckers, and on and on. A lot of people have to work on Thanksgiving or just have other conflicts. Just because it’s not convenient or possible for you to celebrate with a loved one on the actual day, doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate Thanksgiving on a different day or a different week or a different month! Get together with a loved one and throw some turkey and mashed potatoes on the table in February. Bam. Instant Thanksgiving.

Spending time with loved ones is awesome and special. Just remember that spending time with yourself is awesome and special too. Lets give thanks and toast to that!

Nom & Happiness,

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